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Friday the 13th

Friday, April 13th, 2007 was the second worst day of our lives.  My father-in-law died (suddenly, unexpectedly, tragically, you name it) on Monday, April 9th, 2007 and we laid him to rest on Friday, April 13th.  We’ve had a few miserable, and a couple of slightly less miserable, April 13ths, but the tide changed with the anniversary of this Friday, April 13th.  Little Macey must be our good luck charm! This was my Friday the 13th: After I dropped the [...]


Problem / Issue / Confession

I have a few issues going on right now but I’ll start with the first one, which is that my husband has 2 middle names.  What?  You think that’s crazy?  Yeah, me too. You don’t even really need 1 middle name, so why 2?  I have always thought it was a little much and now, of course, it’s causing problems.  It was inevitable.  Things were coasting along a little too smoothly for a while. PROBLEM – Parker’s big, long, fancy [...]