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First a twist, now a turn!

What a roller coaster the last few days have been.  Sheesh.  Little did I know the can of worms I would open simply by following a friend’s advice to check out this foster program’s website to see if Macey may have been part of the program.  Not only did we find out that she was indeed part of the program, but we got an even bigger piece of news last night.   Parker and I attended a school board meeting [...]


To Sac and back!

Made it to Sacramento and back in record time. I had this whole crazy a$$ time budget only to blow it before I even made it out of town. And this is why – you know those people that each and every freaking time you run into them, they totally time burglar you?  Well, I got time burgled alright.  Now, don’t get me wrong, the woman I talked to for 30 minutes is super nice and we had a great [...]


Problem / Issue / Confession

I have a few issues going on right now but I’ll start with the first one, which is that my husband has 2 middle names.  What?  You think that’s crazy?  Yeah, me too. You don’t even really need 1 middle name, so why 2?  I have always thought it was a little much and now, of course, it’s causing problems.  It was inevitable.  Things were coasting along a little too smoothly for a while. PROBLEM – Parker’s big, long, fancy [...]